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Dunmore East
Dunmore East is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Ireland, 16kms from the city of Waterford. It sits on the western side of the Waterford Harbour Estuary, 4.8kms from Hook Head in Wexford.
Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland


The young man is Danny Long, of Long's Hill. The family used to live in what we would

know as Francie Patterson's house, until they moved into that beautifully done-up house

that overlooks the entrance into the woods, which had been vacated by the RIC. At the

entrance was a row of thatched houses, 3 or 4 I think, that were known as Grove Cottages.

My ancestors lived there.

I imagine that's where the photo came from. There are some of the

walls still in existence. The cottages can be seen in the painting of

the lower village in Power's Bar.

Note: I believe at some point the barracks was burned down by a

bunch of local men during a night of riotious assembly!! The job was

completed before reinforcements could make it out from Waterford .

I'll try find out more about that episode!

Sean Murphy


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