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Dunmore East


Dunmore East is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Ireland, 16kms from the city of Waterford. It sits on the western side of the Waterford Harbour Estuary, 4.8kms from Hook Head in Wexford.
Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Keltoi Warrior - Brendan Glody

Dunmore Yawl - Thomas McGrath

St. Agnes

Wisemans - Nicko Murphy, Michael O'Dwyer

Water Beetle - Nicko Murphy

Carina - Alan Glanville

Isle of Canna - John Murphy


Aine Ide - Joefy Murphy


Gary Og - Nicko Murphy

Razor - Joefy Murphy's salmon punt

Queen of Connemara - Thomas McGrath

Silver Spruce - Nicko Murphy



Golden Feather

Undaunted - Ned Power

Village Girl - Ned Power

La Colombe - Ned Power

Lydia Ann - Rocky, Billy & Maurice Power

Treminou - Alan Glanville

Summer Dawn - Paddy Power

Nova Dawn - Paddy Power

Polaris - Patrick Glody

Agnes Palmer - Mick & Stephen Whittle

Seafarer - Noel McDonagh & later Ray Whittle

Hilary-Susan - Paul Power

Sandra Patrica( now Atlantic venture) Billy Burrell

Bridget Carmel 12&3- Johnny Keating

Dernaline - Brian Furlong

Scarlet Buccaneer

Suir Swift


Azure Sea

Emerald Isle

Cu na Mara

Star Immaculate- Paddy Flannery

Crimson Dawn- Sean O'Driscoll

Fiona Patrica



Notre Dame


Credo du Marin- John Burrell

Neiz Bein

Ronan Padraig(now Pilgrim Light)

Johnny K 1&2

Hilda Helena - Hayes

Thomas Mcdonagh- Thomas Power

Ard Gillan

Sea Eagle

Sea Spray

Sea Sparkle

Warren Loch- John Stuart


Arkin Castle

Mothers Wish

Colm Cille - Tom Gille

West ward Isle( now Carmaross) Jim FitzPatrick

Girl Stephanie- Flathertys

Silver King-

Girl Jane

Kittiwake - Stephan Joyce.

Speckled Fort( now atlantic warrior)

Aelindrew- Hugo Boyle


Roisin Barbara

Atlantic Fisher( now Celtic Fisher) - Tom Kennedy

Atlantic Fisher 11

Finoa K

Cuin Salach

Guiding Star

Guiding Star 11

Green Eagle-

Argonaut iv John Kirwan


Olive Leaf

Santik Du


San Pablo


Draoicth na Mara

Delta Dawn

Helga Irene.

Christmas Tide

Foyle Fisher

Father Murphy-Devereux

Mary Christina

Twinkling Star

Green Isle


Foyle Warrior

Northern Celt

Regina Ponti

Cathrine R

Marliona 1&2


Celtic Quest

William Sampson Stevenson- Cornwall

Sarah Shaun