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Dunmore East

Tony McLaughlin

Dunmore East is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Ireland, 16kms from the city of Waterford. It sits on the western side of the Waterford Harbour Estuary, 4.8kms from Hook Head in Wexford.
Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Tony McLoughlin could be considered an honorary Dunmore Man seeing as how he has spent a lot of his time

playing at various village venues. His first musical encounter with Dunmore was at The Anchor Bar in 1986 where

he began playing a few sit down sessions with Ringo Regan and Jesse Lonergan. Ringo and Jesse were playing

for Len Forsey, at that time, take home pay being a box each of “Len's Delicious Fried Chicken”

Tony helped out with The Lonesome Hobos for a while, and after the band departed he formed an enduring

relationship with Ringo Regan, Keith McDonald, and Gerry Madden in “The Danglin Brothers” where he took the

lead vocals.

It was with “The Danglin Brothers” that Tony will be best remembered in Dunmore but a few years ago he moved to

Germany and began a solo singer songwriter career which has taken him to new heights. Described in the German

media as having a “ relaxed manner and a unique husky voice, giving him an irresistible stage presence”, Tony has

steadily increased his repertoire of self penned songs and has been rapidly gaining a name for himself which has

seen him share stages with the likes of Steve Earl, Arlo Guthrie, Sharon Shannon, and Tom Paxton. Gone are the

days of “The Danglin Brothers” and free fried chicken.

Tony currently travels between Dunmore East and Germany and has a steady musical career which he shares with

his German born partner Anneke who is a concert promoter. Tony is a very friendly and approachable musician and

is always available for a session even at short notice. He has a few CD's for sale of his own songs and stories, all

are well worth checking out.