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Dunmore East

Martin Magoo Simpson

Dunmore East is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Ireland, 16kms from the city of Waterford. It sits on the western side of the Waterford Harbour Estuary, 4.8kms from Hook Head in Wexford.
Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Martin Magoo Simpson (far right) from Dunmore East has been writing and performing his own songs since the early

80's. Initially influenced by folk and trad, Martin's music has evolved into a more contemporary style. His music is

now a fusion of varying styles that result in a highly original sound. He is a prolific songwriter whose songs are

heartfelt dealing with issues such as affairs of the heart and political and environmental matters.

Based in Holland then Liverpool, Martin returned to Ireland in 1989. Prior to this, he toured extensively in Holland ,

Germany , the UK and Belgium , mostly as a duo with Dutch multi-instrumentalist Siard de Jong. Martin and Siard

also went on to form the Amsterdam based band “Plan W.

After a break of almost 10 years from the scene Martin has put together “The Martin Travis Band”, featuring Mark

Graham on drums and percussion; Kieran (Fitz) Fitzgerald on Bass; Tom Kelly on accordion, guitar and vocals and

Martin himself on guitar and vocals.