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Dunmore East

Gerry Madden

Dunmore East is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Ireland, 16kms from the city of Waterford. It sits on the western side of the Waterford Harbour Estuary, 4.8kms from Hook Head in Wexford.
Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Gerry Madden has had a long association with Dunmore and without doubt is one of Waterford 's quality musicians.

Gerry began playing trad and ballads at a young age and was a member of a few early Waterford ballad bands

including “Davitts Revised” and “Millers Marsh”. During the late eighties Gerry altered his style somewhat and began

playing bluegrass mandolin. He joined “The Lonesome Hobos” in the late eighties and contributed significantly to the

band's sound using his F Hole Gibson Mandolin. When the Hobos disbanded Gerry played with numerous other

bands including “The Flint Hill Boys” from Athy.

Gerry travelled throughout America playing various gigs and progressing his own mandolin style while travelling. He

formed a long time friendship with Ringo Regan and Tony McLoughlin during the time of the Hobos, and has also

played with Ringo, McLoughlin, and Keith McDonald in "The Danglin Brothers". Nowadays Gerry still retains a keen

interest in all musical styles and can often be found picking his favourite old Gibson at various sessions throughout

the South East. He is also a keen marathon runner and walker, having recently walked to base camp at the foot of

Mt. Everest in the company of bass player Mick Dower and famous Waterford Luthier John (Rusty Strings) Glavey.

In Dunmore we always like to consider Gerry an honorary local musician on account of all the times he has been

associated with Dunmore musicians and Dunmore based bands. He helped to progress the Bluegrass Festival in its

early years and is always ready for a good musical session no matter what the occasion. He has played in Killea

Church at some of the more sad occasions for the people of Dunmore and to this end we consider Gerry one of our