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Dunmore East

The Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur

Dunmore East is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Ireland, 16kms from the city of Waterford. It sits on the western side of the Waterford Harbour Estuary, 4.8kms from Hook Head in Wexford.
Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Finbar Furey, his wife Sheila, and their children came to live at Coxtown during the mid seventies. Eddie Furey also

lived in the village for a while during that time.

The Boys had just returned from Germany , and were about to launch themselves on the Irish market where they

would become one of our most successful traditional bands of all time.

Finbar, Eddie and Sheila (despite their success) were much loved by us local musicians of the day. Finbar always had

time to lend a hand or an ear whenever possible, and would often sit in on the many sessions that took place in

Paddy Green's Anchor Bar during those years. I remember when we began “The Lonesome Hobos” and we were

without a decent five string banjo, Finbar initially let us borrow his five sting, which he used on the hit song “ When

you were Sweet Sixteen, “ until we were able to purchase one of our own.

During my own time in Dunmore I remember how much Paddy Carroll loved the Fureys. I also remember in the early

eighties, (after suffering a personal set back,) sitting on my own in a house in Killea feeling the worse for wear when I

saw a red BMW enter the drive. It was Finbar, who had heard of my recent event and had come to take me out of the

house for the day.

This was the measure of the Man, he was a kind and caring person, and we were more than pleased that he was

living in our midst. He would eventually leave Dunmore as it began to expand, and sometime again if I see Finbar I

will have to ask him what eventually made him pack up and leave.

Meanwhile here is a picture of The Fureys and Davey Arthur in their heyday. It is an honour for us to be able to post

this pic on our site. All of us who knew the band were very saddened to hear of the recent death of Paul Furey in June

2002, (seen here on the far left playing the accordion).

I will always remember seeing my first concert featuring The Fureys and Davey Arthur.

Yes, Finbar was an excellent pipe player, and yes, Davey Arthur was a brilliant banjo player, but the stand out Man for

me during that concert was Paul Furey.

When Paul let go on that auld box, through the huge sound system they were using, the sheer impact of his timed

intervention made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

To all The Fureys, thank you for the music and the memories.

Ringo Regan 2005.