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updated 31/01/2014
The  Good Old Boys

Reunion, 03 January 2014

Here are video links to Youtube videos from that reunion. Many

thanks to Maria O’Dwyer for all the hard work she did with the

video recording.

Song 1.  Medley - Rolling in my Sweet Baby’s Arms, Mama don’t Like no Guitar Players round Here. http://youtu.be/9v6RdEA6deU
Home Gallery Reunion january 2014
Song 2.  Yesterday’s Wine http://youtu.be/d4IBFyG8EJQ Song3.  The Water is Wide. Great song from Conor O’Neill http://youtu.be/mLFK9ctUky0 Song 4.  Remember Me, from Joefy Murphy http://youtu.be/6He0CXLB13o Song 5.  Ain’t it Good to be Back Home Again http://youtu.be/YCcgw848Hcg Song 6. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, from Tony McLaughlin http://youtu.be/d0Hy4xLBhYU Song 7. The Red Headed Stranger Suite http://youtu.be/fsPZdjbS88E
Reunion january 2014